Course evaluation

Course evaluation as a tool for development

If you are a teacher and you need to make changes to your course, student evaluations of the course are often a good place to start: What did you do? How were the course activities received by your students?

If you are not sure what aspects of your teaching you should focus on or how to deal with conflicting requests, please contact the CTL. We will help you identify new perspectives and interpretations of your data before you decide on your conclusions and consequences.

Are you a management representative, and do you need sparring in connection with counselling for teachers or interpretation of evaluation data?

The CTL offers individual counselling for teachers and management representatives; at a single meeting or over a series of meetings as required. If you are in a group of several teachers working together on a course, please contact the CTL to book a joint meeting or series of meetings so that, through dialogue, you can arrive at the best solutions. You can also ask the CTL for help to organise internal departmental events, such as teachers’ meetings, study board meetings or workshops.

Please contact Berit Lassesen to make further arrangements.


Berit Lassesen

Associate professor