Course design

Support student learning

Not only is it essential to plan individual lessons; the entire course should be designed in a way that supports student learning. There are major advantages in organising courses as a longer series of sessions, because this helps to (i) ensure better cohesion between learning outcomes, content, media, teaching methods and exams (alignment), and (ii) encourage students to work with the topics both before and after class. The framework for the course becomes clear, and the students acquire a solid foundation for navigating the course and establishing an overview and understanding of the course.

Teachers have access to various valuable tools to help them make the right decisions when designing their course, and a wide variety of teaching techniques are available, both IT-based and non-IT-based, to support the overall course structure. The CTL offers counselling and collaboration as well as courses and workshops on Educational IT. We collaborate and provide counselling for lecturers and teachers, either individually or in groups. We are also happy to collaborate on major redesign and reorganisation of courses and study programmes. The CTL online resource TREAT includes a number of cases from Aarhus BSS. The site also contains more detailed information on activities and specific tools. Contact the CTL Media Lab for technical support or assistance to produce video materials.


Anne-Mette Alsholm

Educational it consultant

Berit Lassesen

Associate professor