Classroom teaching

Release the potential

Classroom teaching holds great learning potential. But how can this potential be released?

The CTL offers courses and workshops on questioning techniques, feedback and planning for all classroom teachers at BSS.

Classroom teaching for groups of 25-30 students is an important part of teaching at Aarhus University. This form of instruction enables students to apply their knowledge, test their understanding, and practice their argumentation skills. The students can also ask questions and interact with teachers and fellow students. Consequently, if the benefits of classroom teaching are fully utilised, it can offer a great learning potential

Exploiting the potential of classroom teaching requires a wide range of didactic skills that most teachers acquire through a combination of training courses and experience. Experienced teachers plan their lessons and select suitable forms of instruction, and they use questioning techniques to invite students into a dialogue and to test students’ understanding. Moreover, they make sure students have the opportunity to give and receive feedback. 

The CTL offers courses for all newly employed student teachers and instructors at Aarhus BSS. Furthermore, we offer workshops and individual feedback for teachers or groups of teachers.

Contact Kim J. Herrmann ( or Anna Bager-Elsborg ( for more information about activities and specific tools. 

You could also consult the book Effektiv holdundervisning (in Danish), which is targeted specifically at classroom teachers at university.