Tailor your course page in Blackboard

Blackboard is the platform for digital learning environments at Aarhus University. Blackboard provides a range of options to engage students in learning activities online, but figuring out which tools to use, or how to get started can be a challenge.

All courses at Aarhus University are automatically created in Blackboard, and the courses usually have a standardised menu structure. But can you change the menu structure, and if so, how? The short answer is yes, you can change the menu structure. It may be a good idea to consider carefully whether the course structure in Blackboard should be topic-based, time-based, module-based or activity-based. This is important, because a good structure in Blackboard helps to give students an overview of their course, and it enhances student involvement in online course activities.

Blackboard offers a range of tools to engage students in learning activities, including a blog, a discussion forum, a wiki, online group rooms and an assignment upload tool. The Blackboard tools can be used in different ways, and consequently it can be difficult to assess which tools should be used for which purposes.

The CTL offers both didactic and technical advice with regard to the use of Blackboard, and we are happy to collaborate on designing and setting up an appropriate Blackboard page that reflects the course structure and core activities. 

Blackboard at Aarhus BSS

Aarhus University uses the Blackboard platform to manage online teaching activities. In Blackboard, teachers and students can share teaching materials, and teachers can engage their students in online activities before or after lessons.

For example, teachers can share videos and tests to support students’ preparations for class. Students can be assigned access to online group rooms, allowing them to share materials and start discussions in their study group. With Blackboard, Aarhus University provides a wide range of online tools that can support students’ preparations for class, give teachers insight into students’ learning, and form the basis of an engaging educational culture.

Blackboard is part of Aarhus University's strategic focus on Educational IT. The aim is to reduce dropout rates, increase student time-on-task and enhance student collaboration. In the autumn of 2013, Blackboard replaced AULA and CampusNet, the two previous course management systems at Aarhus BSS. In the summer of 2017, Aarhus BSS and the three other faculties at Aarhus University were transferred to a joint version of Blackboard, hosted in Amsterdam. 

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Tobias Alsted Nielsen

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