Individual feedback and supervision

For teachers at Aarhus BSS

All teachers, experienced and inexperienced alike, may come to a point where they need feedback on their teaching. Maybe you need advice and tips for teaching in a broad sense, or perhaps you want to try out a new didactic approach.

Individual feedback may cover anything from lecturing techniques, forms of feedback in classroom teaching and questioning techniques in connection with supervision, to integration of technology in teaching and setting up a Blackboard page.

The feedback process will depend on your needs and on the aspects on which you want to receive feedback. Sometimes, observation of a single lecture or lesson will be sufficient, but it may also be appropriate to meet for a series of sessions, for example if you want to try out a new didactic approach. 

Supervision and feedback are carried out by experienced educational developers with extensive knowledge about precisely the area of teaching that you need to develop. Contact us to learn more about what we can offer, and find the right person to help you.


Welcome to this resource site that introduces ’supermentoring’: a structured form of teaching feedback given by educational developers/experienced lecturers to less experienced colleagues.


Berit Lassesen

Associate professor