Course development

For teaching groups and -teams at Aarhus BSS

Occasionally, teaching teams need to reconsider the structure of their courses and related learning activities.

For example, this may be due to a significantly larger intake of students than expected, or because students request more feedback. Maybe you have taken over a course and need to run it for the first time, or perhaps you have developed a new course. Maybe the teaching team have an ambition to offer the course in a new format, for example as blended learning, or to reorganise the course as student-centred learning.
Irrespective of your needs, the CTL will work with you on developing the course, from defining learning outcomes and designing learning activities, to setting up the course page in Blackboard.

We can organise a development process for you, so that you can focus on academic content, and we can be a sparring partner during the development work.

The course of the development process depends on the ambitions and needs of the teaching team. Contact us to learn more about what we can offer, and find the right person to help you.


Example of a process: Reorganisation of a four-week teaching module to blended learning

  • 4-hour workshop on ambitions, current challenges, learning outcomes, academic themes.
  • 4-hour workshop on learning activities.
  • Production of materials for learning activities.
  • Creation of course page structure in Blackboard.
  • Test of learning activities.
  • Running the course.
  • Evaluation of the course and reassessment of activities.