Analyses and studies

For educational managements and forums at Aarhus BSS

The CTL carries out major questionnaire-based surveys focussing  on university educational aspects and issues. The CTL has carried out ten surveys for Aarhus University within the themes of academic environment, work environment, PhD degree programmes and thesis supervision. Work involves design and quality assurance of questionnaires, collection of data with a high response rate, thorough analyses and reports. Over the years, the CTL has also validated several questionnaires published in international journals.

We have inside knowledge of the university as an organisation, as well as insight into relevant international research literature on university teaching. This enables us to offer practice-relevant and action-oriented analyses and reviews based on theory and research. Work is organised and negotiated in close dialogue with the commissioning party, who may be educational managements and forums at all levels and across faculties.  

For individual teachers, academic groups or boards of study at Aarhus BSS, we also offer detailed analyses of teaching evaluation data, assistance with interpretation of data, and counselling on how new knowledge can be translated into practice in the classroom.