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About CTL

The Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) is a university educational and pedagogical research and development unit at Aarhus BSS.

The centre's aim is to contribute to the quality development of teaching, exams, study environment and programmes at Aarhus BSS.

The CTL’s task is to promote research-based development of forms of learning and teaching, forms of examination, teaching evaluation, educational IT, multicultural and multilingual learning environments, competencies of teaching staff and teaching design.

The CTL:

  • offers teachers and research groups feedback and supervision with a view to developing teaching and courses,
  • is involved in project collaboration with teachers and programme management on the development of courses, curricula and degree programmes,
  • offers university-teaching courses and workshops for teachers at all career stages at Aarhus BSS,
  • conducts analyses and questionnaire surveys focusing on aspects and issues in university teaching,
  • is involved in development and consultancy work at Aarhus University, for example through the Danish Network for Educational Development in Higher Education, Aarhus University,
  • conducts practice-centred research at international level.

The CTL is located on the 3rd and 4th floors of building 1323, it has access to the Media Lab with its own studio, and it can produce video and e-learning material and lend out equipment.

How to find us

CTL 2018

Overview of the objectives, expertise, organisation and services of the CTL

CTL 2018

Note of practice for the development of teaching and teaching skills at Aarhus BSS


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