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A new digital medium has been launched under the name Aarhus BSS Insights

2018.06.18 | Aase Bak

There is something for both the ear and the eye to enjoy at the new digital platform Aarhus BSS Insights, which from now on offers the school’s researchers the opportunity to disseminate their research via podcasts, longreads, infographics and video.

Aarhus BSS Insights is meant as a supplement to the research dissemination carried out through the traditional mass media channels. On our own platform, we wish to make room for a more nuanced debate and a more in-depth dissemination of the research conducted at the school.

Podcasts are undergoing rapid development in Denmark as in other parts of the world.

At Aarhus BSS Insights, we have chosen a short and simple format, which we call the “Det Videnskabelige Kvarter” (“15 minutes of science”). As the name suggests, each podcast lasts approximately 15 minutes. In these 15 minutes, we aim to give listeners a brief but deep insight into a topic together with a researcher from Aarhus BSS.

The podcast enables listeners to get research-based knowledge while they are busy doing something else such as driving their car, riding their bike, exercising, mowing the lawn, cleaning windows, etc.

The podcast can be downloaded from iTunes or other podcast services or directly from the Insights page.

Research-based knowledge

Insights is available to everyone with an interest in research-based knowledge of business and society. Aarhus BSS Insights is thus part of the school’s business initiative and efforts to increase the awareness of the broad business school in the business community.

Our goal is to develop closer relations to business leaders, alumni and others by offering relevant research-based content that is also related to activities that may motivate and inspire to engage in a closer relationship with Aarhus BSS. This may include partnership agreements, competency development, project collaborations or participation in the school’s annual business conference or other events.

In this connection, our large alumni network is an important factor, as our alumni - who are our most important ambassadors - can use Insights to increase awareness of the many offers at Aarhus BSS.

Elite customer at Ritzau

Along with the school’s own media production, Aarhus BSS - and the entire AU - is also an elite customer at the Danish news agency Ritzaus. This agreement allows the school to distribute content via Ritzaus’ news services and thus gives us a more direct access to our stakeholders in the business community and in public or political organisations.

The agreement with Ritzaus and the new digital medium both contribute to strengthening the research dissemination efforts at Aarhus BSS and increasing the exposure of the agenda-setting research carried out within the business and social science disciplines.

If you want to know more about Insights or if you would like to suggest relevant topics, please contact:

Editor of Aarhus BSS Insights, Press Consultant Michael Schrøder, Aarhus BSS Communication.

Aarhus BSS Insights

Aase Bak, Head of Communications, Aarhus BSS