Acting in a globalised world is a challenge in itself and requires a continuous focus on building flexible knowledge as well as a global mindset.

At Aarhus BSS, we continuously work on strengthening the quality of research and our graduates’ competencies by hiring a significant proportion of faculty with international background, by providing students with excellent exchange opportunities, by placing an increasing number of PhD graduates at other leading academic institutions and, finally, by recruiting talented international students to our degree programmes. The different aspects of mobility are becoming more important to graduates and faculty, and our increased collaboration in research and education activities across the school's academic fields and across Aarhus University provide for an advantageous starting point in meeting future demands.

An international focus combined with scholarly openness and cooperation in research and teaching across academic disciplines provide us with advantageous quality coverage of all the major business and social science disciplines and place Aarhus BSS as a relevant contributor to groundbreaking research and provider of research-based education meeting the highest international standards.

In terms of student exchanges, we have already been very successful in establishing partnerships and attracting qualified international students to our programmes. Currently, Aarhus BSS has 320 student exchange agreements with partner institutions in 44 countries. Each year, we send over 700 students abroad on exchange while welcoming about the same amount of international exchange students from all over the world.