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Administrative Employee of the Year

“I meet people where they are,” says member of IT staff Mads Elbæk Sørensen from Aarhus BSS IT-support, who is this year’s administrative employee. To him, each individual is in focus, and he believes that this is the key to offering good service.   We have spoken to Mads about the award, about delivering good service and about how he will spend the money that comes with the award.

2017.08.21 | Sinne B. Jakobsen

Administration Centre Manager Nikolaj Harbjerg presents Mads with the award. Photo: Anders Trærup

Photo: Anders Trærup

What does your work consist of?

I provide ongoing IT support for the departments and the administration and I assist people with various technical problems. I’m also very involved in digital exams via video conferences and act as a personal supporter to a number of employees.

My tasks have developed a lot since I started working at the former Department of Economics and Business in 2009. Back then, we spent a lot of our time updating systems, but today, this takes place automatically. Now, I have a great deal of other tasks and new ones are emerging all the time!

How do you deliver an extraordinary effort as an administrative staff member?

First of all, it’s important for me to say that I wouldn’t even be able to do my job if it weren’t for my many good colleagues in the IT department. They deserve this award as much as I do!

But apart from that, I think it has a lot to do with creating a personal relation with the people I help - and showing them that they are not just another number. I do my very best to meet each person where they are and to put myself in their place. To many people, computer problems almost seem like a question of life or death. Here, it is my job to bring the problem down to earth and convince the person that we will find a solution. All in all, I’m very solution-oriented and I focus on making it as easy as possible for the users.

What is the best thing about your job?

The best thing is that I get to meet so many different people - and get to help them and find the right solutions. Also, I’ve always been very interested in computers and I’m incredibly inquisitive. I’ll happily take a computer apart if the wrong light is flashing.

In which way do you feel that you are acknowledged for your work?

I feel acknowledged in many different ways. The fact that people keep calling me must mean that they are satisfied with my work, and naturally I’m very happy about this.

If you were to give an acceptance speech, what would you say?

I would start by thanking Søren Staunsager, who did everything he could to secure my employment in a flexi job at the former Department of Economics and Business in 2009.  Today, I am employed on a permanent basis and I really like it here at Aarhus BSS. It’s a great and flexible place to work. I would also like to thank my entire department and all of the many colleagues who have shown their appreciation. As I said, there are many other talented people at Aarhus BSS, who also deserve this award.

The award comes with DKK 25,000 - how will you spend it?

 The money will go towards a new roof. A few years ago, my wife and I bought a new house where everything needed changing. The roof is the only thing we still need to do, so I’m looking forward to getting it done!