23.9 million for Aarhus BSS researchers

Researchers from Aarhus BSS have just received a total of DKK 23.9 million from the Danish Council for Independent Research, which distributed its research grants this week. Vice-dean for Research and Talent Development Per Baltzer Overgaard is pleased that researchers at Aarhus BSS are still competitive in the field of independent research.

2018.05.03 | Ingrid Marie Fossum

Photo: AU Foto

Grants for Research project 2:

Carsten Jensen, Department of Political Science, DKK 5,097,033.
Election pledges and voters in representative democracy

Marianne Simonsen, Department of Economics and Business Economics, DKK 4,885,846
Families under Pressure: Consequences for the Children

Niels Skipper, Department of Economics and Business Economics, DKK 4.153.141
Chronic disease in childhood: Consequences, mechanisms, and inequality in health

Paolo Santucci De Magistris, Department of Economics and Business Economics, DKK 3.505.529
The erratic nature of financial risks

Grants for Research Project 1:

Daniel Finke, Department of Political Science, DKK 2.581.336
Agenda Setting in the United Nations General Assembly

Thomas Faurholt Jønsson, Department of Psychology and Behavioural Sciences, DKK 2.347.675
Responsibility at work: Phenomenon, antecedents, and consequences

Grant for international postdoc:

Miriam Lindner, Department of Political Science and Harvard University, DKK 1.336.679
Psychological Foundations of Violent Extremism: The Role of Insults and Anger