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Graduate School of
Business and Social Sciences

Graduate School of Business and Social Sciences

Aarhus BSS has a unified PhD/graduate school – Graduate School of Business and Social Sciences – with the vice-dean for research and talent development as head of the graduate school, and with one general set of rules and regulations as well as seven field programmes.

The seven field programmes with approximate indication of their academic scope are as follows:

  1. Business Administration (organisation, entrepreneurship, innovation, strategy, international business, management information systems, marketing, consumer research and policy, business research methods)
  2. Business Communication (corporate communication, knowledge communication, translation and interpreting, lexicography, cultural research)
  3. Economics and Business (accounting, finance, logistics and operations research, microeconomics, economics of business, macroeconomics, econometrics)
  4. Law (private law, public law, international law, non-dogmatic law subjects)
  5. Political Science (comparative politics, international relations, public administration and management, public policy, political sociology and methods, political theory)
  6. Psychology and Behavioural Sciences (cognitive, developmental, clinical, work, organisational, educational, biological, social and personality psychology, human resource management)
  7. Social Science and Business

The first six field programmes are in direct continuation of the existing main educational licences of Aarhus BSS with a clear departmental affiliation. The seventh field programme ensures that Aarhus BSS is able to train PhD students whose areas of research span several of or lie between the six fields and for which supervision competencies are available at Aarhus BSS.


Prospective PhD student?

Information for applicants and other external users.

Already a PhD student at Aarhus BSS?

Information for students already enrolled in a PhD programme.

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