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Talent Development

“We must take care of our greatest talents from an early stage of their education, and once they have completed their PhD degrees, we must offer them far better career opportunities than is the case today.”

(Quote: Per Baltzer Overgaard, Vice-Dean for Research and Talent Development, Aarhus BSS)

Focused talent development is one of the main pillars in Aarhus University’s overall strategy and hence also the strategy of Aarhus BSS. Talent development means devoting initiatives and resources to attracting and developing the greatest talents at the school, from when they complete their bachelor degrees until their appointments as senior faculty (i.e. permanent employment as associate professors etc.).

In other words, talent development covers a period of about ten years or more at the start of students' research careers. The first part of this period covers their preparation for and completion of their research training (PhD), while the second part of the period starts at the conferral of the PhD degree and culminates with the transition to tenure as a full-blown researcher.

Talent development.

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