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Cognition and Behavior Lab

Cognition and

Behavior Lab


Facilities and Equipment.


From left to right: Rene Frederiksen, Michael Futtrup and Iustinian Olaru. The trio are currently undertaking internships at the Lab.

2015.08.24 | People

COBE Lab welcome three new interns

We welcome three interns from Business Academy Aarhus to COBE Lab

The updated Procedure Guide states payment procedures must be organised prior data collection.

2015.03.12 | Research news

Research Procedure Guide—amendment

Organising the payment of participants is given added priority.

2015.02.17 | Research news

2013–2014 Report

COBE Lab recently published a report of Lab activities, covering the time period from the opening of the Lab in August 2013 to the end of 2014.

2015.02.17 | People

Researcher Spotlight #7—Oana Vuculescu

Oana shares her research interests with COBE Lab

Lars Bach

2014.12.16 | People

Researcher Spotlight #6—Lars Bach

Lars Bach talks about his research interests, including tips for conducting studies.

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