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School of Business and Social Sciences is a broad business school and one of the four faculties at Aarhus University. The school holds the distinguished AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS accreditation.

With approx. 14,400 full-time students, several thousand part-time students, almost 250 PhD students and more than 500 faculty members, School of Business and Social Sciences ranks among the largest business schools in Europe. Furthermore, it is the largest business and social sciences unit in Denmark at university level with a broad academic base, encompassing both traditional business disciplines and social science disciplines.

The research-based study programmes offered by the school include highly recognised programmes within disciplines such as economics, finance, accounting, logistics, human resource management,
organisation, marketing, management information systems, innovation, entrepreneurship, business communication, law, psychology, public administration and political science. In addition, all academic departments at the school are internationally recognised for their quality of educational and research activities.

The school is also host to a large number of internationally recognised research centres.

Svend Hylleberg is Dean of School of Business and Social Sciences.

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Broad business school

There is a substantial value that arises, for example, in the interaction between business
development, internationalisation, entrepreneurship and regulation on the one hand and political decisions, psychological approaches to consumer and organisational behaviour, cultural understanding, sustainability, laws, demography, etc., on the other. At some point, they will all impact on an organisation's ability to perform in any market and on its ability to develop strategies that will carry it successfully through any obstacle that derives from increasing globalisation.

School of Business and Social Sciences has recognised this development and sees a potential that has yet to be realised by the majority of business schools operating internationally.

The advantage of being a broad business school is that the school can offer a much broader view of the world to its students. As a result, the belief is that students will graduate from School of Business and Social Sciences mastering at least one discipline, having obtained experiences in cooperation with people from other fields as well as the ability to innovate and solve problems they have never met before by drawing on experiences from a broader set of skills.

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