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Knowledge Exchange

Knowledge exchange at School of Business and Social Sciences.

Aarhus BSS continuosly strives to create value for its stakeholders. We do so by educating people, developing talent and by sharing research-based knowledge with national and international bodies, institutions and businesses.

The sharing of knowledge is a relatively new phenomenon in academia. However, it is also vital for an international knowledge society such as the Danish one, where university research is a ticket to global knowledge. Bearing this in mind, it is essential that the universities’ knowledge base is made available to our stakeholders.

At Aarhus BSS, we give high priority to sharing research-based knowledge. We provide independent public-sector consultancy, facilitate industrial PhD programmes and foster independent and research-based collaboration with individual businesses and organisations. We communicate knowledge by offering a large number of research-based executive programmes, by participating at conferences and by organising breakfast meetings and talks for private and public organisations where participants through a combination of knowledge, inspiration and network learn how to tackle some of the future challenges facing corporate Denmark.

A close connection to businesses and organisations is also essential in relation to our students and the developing of their educational portfolio. Both Aarhus BSS Career and Aarhus BSS Alumni play central roles in establishing the contact between students and potential future employers. Students and businesses come together at events and through initiatives organised by our career centre which offers services to help students and graduates find jobs, internships and relevant job experience, and after graduation, we keep in touch and share our research-based knowledge with our alumni through the Aarhus BSS Alumni network.

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