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The programme:

The PhD programme in Law covers all theses with law as main content. This includes all important legal disciplines in Danish law, EU law and international law. At present the Department of Law comprises approx.  60 researchers who are organised in 7 teaching groups; 1) law of property, 2) constitutional and administrative law, 3) general jurisprudence and legal history, 4) tax law, 5) EU law and international law, 6) business law and 7) criminal law.

Affiliated departments:

The PhD programme in law is attached to the Department of Law. Some of the PhD students are, however, enrolled in an industrial PhD programme where the PhD students also have an attachment to a business, a law firm or another employer during the course of the PhD study.

Examples of employment after earning the PhD degree:

The students who earn a PhD degree can either continue their research career or take up employment in the private sector or in other parts of the public sector. Thus many of the students earning a PhD degree continue their careers as legal advisers or as employees in auditing firms. In a number of fields the Master´s Degree in itself is not sufficient when you are to advise on how to solve complicated legal problems, and then the specialisation and insight that you achieve with your PhD degree can be a large advantage.

Geographic location:

The Department of Law is situated at Campus Aarhus.

National cooperation:

All the legal research environments in Denmark work together on offering PhD courses in Law. This cooperation is organised in JurForsk cf. for further information:

International cooperation:

The Department of Law participates in a number of Nordic and international networks which also offer PhD courses. These networks will normally also provide an opportunity for the exchange of PhD students, so that the PhD students at the department can visit these foreign institutions for a period of time during their studies.

Approx. number of PhD students: