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Research at Aarhus BSS

Aarhus BSS has a large number of strong research environments which broadly cover the school's academic disciplines.

Research and research-based teaching take place within areas such as economics, accountancy, financing, logistics, law, organisation, marketing, entrepreneurship, innovation, business engineering, management, business communication, business languages and translation, political science, psychology, abuse research and register-based research.

Research is a strategic priority for Aarhus BSS. We have a constant focus on further improving the impact and quality of the research undertaken at the school and widening the range of areas in which our research can contribute to advancing research frontiers, motivating individual researchers to publish in high-quality outlets.

The school has, among others, a very strong labour market research environment at the Department of Economics and Business Economics, where Professor Dale T. Mortensen (2 February 1939 – 9 January 2014) was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences in 2010.

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Research centres

Aarhus BSS is home to two internationally recognised Centres of Excellence: CREATES at the Department of Economics and Business Economics and CON AMORE at the Department of Psychology and Behavioural Sciences - both funded by the Danish National Research Foundation.

In addition, the school hosts several other research centres and groups of researchers working among the international elite.

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Research talent development

Aarhus BSS has one graduate school – the Graduate School of Business and Social Sciences – headed by the vice-dean for research and talent development and with one general set of rules and seven field programmes. The seven field programmes are ManagementBusiness CommunicationEconomics and Business EconomicsLawPolitical SciencePsychology and Behavioural Sciences, and Social Science and Business.