Social events

Political science students are active and engage in a number of social events both at the Department of Political Science, at Aarhus BSS, Aarhus University and in the city of Aarhus. Looking to participate? This page provides you with information to guide you to the most popular social events which you just don’t want to miss.

Kapsejlads (The Spring Regatta)
The spring regatta is an annual tradition that epitomises the community spirit of Aarhus University Campus. The different faculties battle in teams to win a race in the combined discipline of drinking beer and sailing an inflatable boat across the lake in the University Park.

The regatta is an unparalleled crowd-puller. Taking place in the last week of April, the regetta might be the last chance to enjoy a day off before the beginning of the exam period. An estimated 25,000 students visit the University Park during the day making the Spring Regatta the biggest student event in Scandinavia. Enthusiasts start camping as early as 3am, so you have to get up early to get a front row seat. 

Sports Day and Denmark’s Biggest Friday Bar
In September, the University Park hosts the Sports Day where the hilly park is crowded with students who have exchanged their books for hockey sticks and footballs, while others are watching the games and enjoying a beer. In the late afternoon, Denmark’s biggest Friday Bar starts. The numerous tents serve food and beer while famous Danish musicians play concerts to a cheering crowd. Denmark’s biggest Friday Bar is an excellent opportunity to hang loose with your fellow students - if you are able to spot them in the crowd.

October Party
The October Party is a great German folk festival which first saw the light of day in 1810 in the area of Theresienwiese in Munich. Today, more than 6 million people visit the festival each year.

Just as so many other places all over the world, this tradition has been adopted at Aarhus University - by a student association at the Department of Media Studies. Students from all departments at Aarhus University participate in the October Party where beers are sold in two-pint-glasses and people are dressed in Tyrolean costumes: Lederhosen (loose leather pants), knee socks, suspenders for the gentlemen and corsets for the ladies. 

Each year, the first Friday of November sees the launching of the Christmas beer from the Danish brewery “Tuborg”. On this day, people all over Denmark celebrate that Christmas is upon us. There is even a popular phrase saying that “the first snow falls” on the first Friday of November.

A proper explanation of the J-Day calls for an introduction to the Danish word hyggeligt. This word has no direct English translation, but loosely translated hyggeligt means comfort, cosiness, and a feeling of being welcome. Almost all beer-serving bars in Denmark and at Aarhus University celebrate J-day, and you do not want to miss out on the opportunity to do something hyggeligt in the company of friends.

The Northside Festival
Northside is an music festival which takes place in Aarhus in June. Since the first festival was held in 2010, the festival has been a major success. The line-up includes both international superstars such as the Arctic Monkeys and Björk as well as famous Danish artists and local, upcoming bands. The festival also cares about the environment and a lot of the festival food is organic served on plates made from sustainable material Also, draft beers for the thirsty festival guests are served in sustainable cups.

Mejlgade for Mangfoldighed
“Mangfoldighed” means cultural diversity, and “Mejlgade” is a popular street in the centre of Aarhus which houses authentic restaurants, niche shops and a handful of popular bars. Mejlgade for Mangfoldighed is a social event in May which takes place in the popular street and celebrates cultural diversity. For the occasion, Mejlgade is covered with a green lawn, and famous Danish artists as well as upcoming Aarhus bands give free concerts.