Course Application Process

After admission, all exchange students will receive an email containing course guidelines and course lists. Only courses from this list are available to exchange students. 

In the weeks prior to your arrival, you will be contacted by Aarhus BSS International via email in regards to the outcome of your course assessment. 

Course Lists

Courses available for exchange students for autumn 2018:

Courses for spring 2019 will not be available until after admission. Courses offered spring 2019 will be similar to courses offered spring 2018:

General Course Guidelines

The general guidelines for choosing courses are: 

  • All students must choose between 25 and 30 ECTS
  • Only master students can take master courses and only bachelor students can take bachelor courses.
  • Only students majoring in Business or Economics or related programmes are allowed to take courses from the Economics and/or Business programmes. 
  • Only students majoring in Languages or Communication or related programmes are allowed to take courses from the Business Communication programmes.
  • Only Aspects of Denmark is available to all students. The course is not mandatory.
  • Students must be able to document that they have the required pre-requisites (see relevant course list).
  • Generally, students are only allowed to take courses from 1 of the 3 study programmes: Economics or Business or Communication. 
  • Bachelor courses only: In the autumn semester students are allowed to combine bachelor level Economics and Business courses. 
  • Bachelor courses only: If students wish to combine courses from Economics/Business with Communication courses, they must choose only the highlighted Business Communication courses. 


Comprehensive Course Guidelines Autumn 2018


Comprehensive Course Guidelines Spring 2018