Pedro, Bachelor Student in Economics and Business Administration


My name is Pedro and I am currently studying a Bachelor's degree in Economics and Business Administration. After one year and some months studying Computer Engineering at the University of Sevilla, I realized that I wanted to pursue further studies in Economics and Finance. I checked many different Universities in Spain and abroad but the one that caught my full attention was Aarhus University, in particular Aarhus BSS.

Aarhus University is well-recognized globally and not only does it offer many opportunities because of the University itself, but also because it is located in Denmark. The quality of the education is quite high and there are tons of interesting organizations you can join. Networking will not be a problem!

Aarhus is a city with tons of international students and it is definitely a great place to study and have fun. I have been here since 2017 and I am happy I made the right choice when I was thinking what to do next in my life. I would highly recommend this University to anyone looking for studying abroad. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.