Natalia, Master student in International Economic Consulting

Hello! My name is Natalia and I have started my Danish journey  in 2014. I have always strived to get the international academic experience, so moving abroad right after finishing the high school in Slovakia was a natural choice for me.

My first steps lead to Aarhus BSS where I have obtained my bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business Administration. As I have truly enjoyed both studying and living in Denmark I have decided to continue my studies at Aarhus University as a master student of International Economic Consulting. The university is a place offering wide variety of opportunities for your future academic and professional development, as well as, giving you a chance to build strong bonds with your peers through various social events. Therefore, especially if you are a new comer you have a lot to be looking forward to, so don’t be afraid and participate as much as you can. A cherry on the top of the pie is Aarhus itself. The city is full of places where you can have a wild nightlife fun, enriching cultural experience or a cozy coffee that warms up your body and soul even in the cold rainy days.

Looking backwards, I must say that choosing Denmark as my academic destination was an excellent choice, although I can still vividly remember how challenging it is to start a new life in foreign country. Therefore, if you feel like you may use a hand with regards to the university, practical matters of living in Aarhus or simply just to talk to someone from Slovakia, please feel free and do not hesitate to send me an email on:

Michaela, Master student in International Economic Consulting

Hey guys,

my name is Michaela and I moved to Denmark in 2014 in order to start my bachelor education at Aarhus BSS, specifically Economics and Business Administration line. Finishing a bilingual grammar school in Slovakia, continuing my studies in a foreign language was a natural choice. After considering several options abroad, I have eventually decided for Aarhus University for a few reasons. Aarhus University is a place offering high quality education in topics which are relevant for today´s business environment. Also, theprofessors are highly competent within their field of expertise which is important in the learning process. Finally, as a student from Slovakia you have an exceptional opportunity to complete your education and get a valuable experience completely free of charge. After finishing my Bachelor’s degree at Aarhus BSS, I decided to continue my journey in Denmark with a Master’s degree in International Economic Consulting.

At Aarhus University, you will get a chance to work both individually and in teams, attend lectures and also attend hands-on tutorials which will help you master what you have learned throughout the classes. The duration of classes and tutorials is usually two hours and take place multiple times throughout the week.

Slovakia is quite different from Denmark in many aspects and that is why it requires some time to adapt. One of the most important things before your arrival is to look for accommodation and brief yourself with the types of documentation you will need in order to study in Denmark – no worries, it is a rather simple process. Among other things, you will have a chance to join your classmates at the start of the semester at various parties and events which will help you socialize and start your journey in Denmark by having fun. The city of Aarhus offers many things to see and try, it is full of students and has its own cozy vibe – what´s not to like?


If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to me at