Raul, Master student in Marketing and Business Innovation


My name is Raul; I’m from Mexico though I have been living and studying in Denmark since 2012.

I started my Bachelor’s degree, Economics and Business Administration with a specialization in International Business, in 2012 in Herning. After living in Denmark for three years I realized that the country was better than I had originally expected. Despite the city being smaller than what I’m used to (after all, Mexico has several cities with population in the millions), I had a blast. My enjoyment caused me to also stay for my Master’s degree, which I’m currently taking in Herning. My Master’s degree is in Marketing and Business Innovation.

Many people that meet me in Denmark wonder how I managed to end up in a place like Herning, or Denmark itself for that matter. I discovered Aarhus University through university ranking sites. Though, originally, even though I wanted to study abroad, my aims were not in Europe. As someone from Mexico, my first options were to look into the United States and Canada. However, the tuition fees are extremely high, even more so for foreigners. Out of curiosity, I decided to look at Europe and I realized that I could get a very high quality education for a lower cost than I would in the United States. Aarhus University was in the end my choice after a long period of researching and applying. I haven’t regretted studying in Denmark, and I will hopefully be able to stay even after my studies.

Something that did bother me at start, however, was the difference in language. I wondered how easily I would be able to communicate in Denmark at the start without speaking Danish. I’ve had previous experience in other countries where people in smaller towns have a hard time speaking in English or don’t speak it at all. In my experience, I can assure that this is not the case. Pretty much everyone in Denmark can speak English, at the very least everyone I’ve run into.

Denmark has a lot to offer. Be it outdoor or indoor activities, sports, music, culture, you name it, Denmark probably has it. It’s a wonderful country that, frankly, probably deserves more attention.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’d be more than willing to help out in any way that I can.