Jasper, Master student in Technology Based Business Development

I moved from Germany to Denmark in 2013 because of my wish to experience an education with a close link to practical application.

At BTECH, I found fulfilment in the Bachelor of Engineering in Global Management and Manufacturing (GMM). This study offers a balanced teaching approach with lectures in the first half of the semester and company employment in the other half. The company, in my case LEGO, enters a mentorship agreement that covers the duration of the education. I managed projects for different departments in Engineering and submitted a Company Related Report (CRP) in the third, fourth, and fifth semester. The CRPs are important because they prepare you well for the final thesis. The thesis is submitted after the internship in the six semester and then you graduate. It was a great experience and gave me a sense of direction.

I have since started my Master of Science in Technology Based Business Development (TBBD) at BTECH in order to extend my knowledge about enabling technologies in an business environment.

It is very comfortable to live in Denmark because the culture is very inviting and hospitable. There are bars and restaurants in Herning, a Public Library, Swimming Pools, Fitness Centers, and most importantly Danish Saunas for cold winter days. I really like the campus in Birk, especially the big panorama windows in the canteen. There are housing opportunities within walking distance of the university, applying for housing from outside of Denmark reduces the waiting time for a placement considerably.

If you have any questions, feel free to write to me at

Jasper Lanz