Czech Republic

Tereza, Master Student in International Business


my name is Tereza and I moved to Denmark from the beautiful Czech Republic. I did my Bachelor study at the University of Economics in Prague, where I got my Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. After finishing this programme, I have also started studying the Master's programme in Management at the same University.

But as I wanted to gain some extra experience abroad I was thinking about Erasmus, Freemover and other programmes to spend one semester abroad. I realized, that there is another option which would be even a greater experience, which was to study the whole Master's program in a foreign country and Denmark was the best option for me.

When speaking about University, currently I study the Master's programme in International Business at Aarhus BSS. When comparing this with the Czech study programme it is maybe more time-consuming but on the other hand more practice-oriented. We are working on a few projects at the same time while applying theoretical knowledge into the practice.

You are probably aware of the fact that Denmark is much more expensive than the Czech Republic. The important thing is, that you do not have to pay any tuition for your education. I would recommend you find an accommodation out of the city center as it is supposed to be cheaper. Using bike as a mean of transport is the best way how to move around the city, even if Aarhus Uni is almost on the top of the hill (Denmark is not flat as everyone says :D)

I have to say that there are some struggles at the begging with finding housing and obtaining all the necessary documents, but all of these are little things which make you stronger and self-reliant. And I can only recommend you: Go study abroad! If you will have any further question about studying in Denmark, about the International Business program or any other questions, feel free to contact me.

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