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Ask an international student about Aarhus BSS

Ask questions about Aarhus BSS and Denmark

Are you thinking about studying at Aarhus BSS?

A lot of questions arise, when you are contemplating moving to another country to study. How is campus life different from what I know? Are teacher-student relationships the same? Is it expensive to rent accommodation and buy food? And will I need to buy a warmer winter jacket ?

At Aarhus BSS, we have a lot of international students applying every year, who all have their own thoughts about coming to Aarhus. To help you get an impression about life here, we are now introducing "student to student".

"Student to Student" is your opportunity to ask all your questions about Aarhus BSS and Denmark to a student from your home country already living in Denmark and experiencing Aarhus BSS. This is your chance to clarify differences and similarities and your opportunity to share thoughts and worries about leaving home and settling abroad.

The students will happily answer all kinds of questions. However, all queries on formal rules, requirements and admission should be directed to the international admissions office at:

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Are your home country not represented? Please feel free to contact any of the students on these pages, or join our group Student to Student on Facebook at