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Digital transformation:

– become a partner and meet some of our most dedicated students

On the talent programme in digital transformation, we unite the most ambitious students, the latest research, the most talented lecturers and the most dedicated companies. 

As a partner, you get:

  1. Direct contact with select Master’s degree students in Economics and Business Administration who have the academic level and motivation required to participate in the programme (only students from the top third of their year group can apply for admission to the talent programme).
  2. Input for your specific challenges in relation to digital transformation. You will also get the opportunity to submit case assignments which will be used in the teaching. We are interested in a close collaboration and an ongoing dialogue with you as a partner as well as with researchers from Aarhus BSS and select US universities such as MIT, Columbia and PennState.
  3. Competence development for your staff with two free places on the Master Class in Digital Transformation on 22 and 23 January – read more here.
  4. Invitations to networking events with academic presentations from select researchers where you can meet both the students and their lecturers.

About the students

Only particularly motivated and ambitious Master’s degree students from the top third of their year group are admitted to the talent programme. To be admitted, students must meet the minimum mark requirements and submit a personal statement. Through specific cases, the students learn how to work as digital consultants for the companies.

About the teaching

During the semester, the students will learn to: Analyse what digitisation means for the company’s competitive status. Assess the company’s digital (im)maturity, threats and opportunities. Take advantage of digital, data-driven marketing opportunities focusing on the customer. Create an overview of what the digital transition requires of the management team and the organisation. Focus the Human Resource Management efforts in relation to the new opportunities. Design and shape the organisation of the new digital company.

Facts about the partnership

Registration deadline: 15 January 2018

Duration: 15 January 2018 - 31 December 2018

Master Class: 22 January 2018 - 23 January 2018

Price for a one-year partnership: DKK 25,000

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Head of Aarhus BSS Career & Alumni
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