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Job Shadow

Job Shadow is an opportunity for master students to 'shadow' an employee for an entire day in a company. This is you chance to present your job and your organisation to a master student. You show the student your daily work routines and your tasks and him/her them what it takes to make it in your job. By participating, the student will get inspiration to his/her future work life and guidance in making important career decisions.

Job Shadow is also your chance to introduce a potential new employee to your organization as a future workplace. However, Job Shadow is non-binding for both parties.

The next Job Shadow program is in the spring of 2018.

What does it take to participate?

Job Shadow is all about the student following you on a regular workday. Therefore, it does not require anything particular from you. However, we would like to ask you to plan your day for the student to get a wide insight into your work tasks and knowledge of your organisation.

Please also consider whether the day will include confidential meetings etc., where student participation can be difficult. Besides this, we ask you to be as open as possible answering the questions of the student during the day. Naturally, you are most welcome to use the occasion to get an insight into the world of the student.

Who participates?

We primarily recruit employees and companies among our alumni (previous students) but include other companies in Aarhus BSS Career & Alumni’s network. After the sign-up deadline, it will be possible to view the persons/job descriptions in this page.

Master students at Aarhus BSS have the possibility to apply for participation - meaning both Danish and international students studying business economics, business communication, law, economics, psychology and social and political sciences.

How are you matched?

After the student application deadline, we match students with alumni and other employees who have signed up for the programme. This is to ensure that both parties gain greatly from Job Shadow.

When we have matched you with a master student, we send you both an e-mail with further information and contact information on each other.

Possibilities for Job Shadow in more days or with more students at the same day

You are welcome to have the student shadow you for more than one day, if you wish to. You are also welcome to have more than one student ‘shadow’ you on one day.