Programme content

The Executive Master in Corporate Communication is a two-year, part-time programme divided into four semesters, of which the final semester is devoted to the completion of the Master's thesis.

The programme consists of a combination of classes (tutorials, exercises etc.), workshops and project-based teaching, where students work independently on one or more projects.

Through the individual projects, students must solve specific managerial and communication tasks and cases - whenever possible, through the incorporation of problem areas and tasks from their own companies and organisations.


1st semester: Corporate Communication and Integrated Communication Planning

The first semester provides a broad introduction to basic models, theories and key issues within corporate communication, including strategy and management, which will form the basis for the more specific teaching activities during the next semesters.

  • Identity, image, reputation and corporate branding
  • Strategy and management
  • Stakeholder management
  • Theoretical and practical planning
  • Reception and measurement of communication

2nd semester: Management and Communication from an Internal Perspective

Although the linchpin of the programme is the integration of corporate communication in general terms, this semester is devoted to internal management and communication. Strong correlations between internal communication, organisational culture and fundamental values are an important launch pad for understanding external communication, which will be the theme of the third semester.

The second semester deals with:

  • Daily management communication
  • Culture and value-based management
  • Knowledge sharing and social networks
  • Employer branding
  • Change management and change communication

3rd semester: Management and Communication from an External Perspective

In the third semester, focus will be on management and communication from an external perspective. We will take a closer look at theories, models and practical methods for creating and maintaining a good image and reputation and for developing branding strategies. How do you communicate in specific situations and with specific groups of stakeholders? These are central questions which will be answered on the basis of different disciplines:

  • Image and reputation management
  • Experience economy and corporate marketing
  • CSR and environmental communication
  • Media and issues management
  • Crisis management and crisis communication

4th semester: Master's Thesis

The Master’s thesis is the crowning achievement which allows graduates to use the title of Executive Master of Corporate Communication. This means that the fourth and final semester is fully devoted to the completion of the Master's thesis. Here, students have the opportunity to concentrate on relevant aspects of personal interest within corporate communication.

The thesis should demonstrate the candidates' ability to work with specific problem areas on a well-founded theoretical and methodological basis, including description, analysis, methodological development, organisation and implementation of theories for solving problems related to corporate communication.