Tobii Pro visit COBE Lab

Martin Horrefeldt, Tobii Pro, visits the Lab to provide the latest information regarding Tobii Pro equipment

2016.04.12 | COBE Lab

Martin Norrefeldt, Tobii Pro, is planning on visiting on May 10th, 11:15–13:00.

Martin will demonstrate a range of hardware in addition to answering questions from researchers.

So that we can best organise the event, please sign-up by completing this Doodle.

If you have specific topics that you would like Martin to address, please mail A provisional agenda can be found below.


Provisional agenda:

• Demonstrate the wearable Glasses 2, improved both in terms of eye tracking data quality and ease of use.
• Demonstrate our small and portable X2-60 and or X3-120 eye trackers (60 resp 120 Hz).
• Talk about integration of our eye trackers with other biometric data, such as EEG, GSR or face reading
• Tell you a bit about different solutions to do eye tracking on tablets and smartphones.

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