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Aarhus BSS has a number of offers for alumni. We continue to try to expand these offers and target them towards alumni wants and needs.

Library resources

A world of knowledge is waiting for you - also when you are an alumni! No matter if you have used the library very often or rare we hope that you will go to the library and use the many free services we can offer you as an alumni.   

Update your knowlegde through the library

In your professional life you deffently need to manage, analyze og structure knowledge. You also need to qualify yourself within those areas of expertise that you have become aquainted with during your education. We make it easier for you to update your professional knowledge by giving you free access to the library's many databases.

NOTE: Due to licence agreements it is only possible to get access to the databases at our physical campuses.

Online resources

Resources at AU Library

If you have the opportunity to visit one of AU Labrary's departments in person you have access to even more resources:

  • Databases at the library: Use all databases as when you were a student.
  • Guidance in information: Competant employess can help you at the library

Information about opening hours at the different operation points

Aarhus University puclishing company

Free e-book of the month

Every month you can download a free e-book from the website of Aarhus University Publishing Company.

Click to see the book of the month


The monthly free time of thought  

Every month a new book in only 60 pages is publiced. The book is written by some of Denmark's smartest minds and communicated in a way that most people can follow. The current e-bog of the month (pdf and ePub) and audio book (mp3) you ca download free of charge the first week afther it's published.

Click to see this months time of thought

Receive 40% discount on business guides

Special offer to alumnis from the publisher Andersen

As a student at Aarhus University you had free online access to all the publisher Andersens business guides. The publishers titles are management tools at the highest level and are being used frequently by many students at Universities all around Denmark.

We have got the opportunity to offer alumnis fra Aarhus University 40% discount on all titles by the publisher Andersen, among these HR Law, Visionary Management, Social Responsibility, Management of Climate, Guide for Communication and Corporate Tax.

The usual price for a title is 2.980 kr. but as an alumni from Aarhus University you can get access for only 1.788 kr.

The price is ex VAT for a titel and covers one year of online access, oportunity to ask questions and get responds from the editors of the guide as well as authors and a free annually brush-up course.

Order at or call to the subscription mananger, telephone: +45 35 11 35 12

Note: Aarhus BSS Alumni only arrange the offer. Should you have any questions please contact the publisher Andersen