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Success is rarely attributed luck

Berlingske Business recently named the top 100 Danish talents - 12 of these are Aarhus BSS alumni. We met up with one of them. 35-year-old Elife Savas, Senior Manager at KPMG with a Master’s degree in Business Economics and Auditing.

2016.06.09 | Aarhus BSS

Why did you choose this degree programme and would you choose differently today?

I chose the MSc in Business Economics and Auditing because I could relate to the job positions that the programme led to, and because I felt that here I would be able to directly apply my academic and theoretical knowledge and experience in practise. If I had to make the choice today, I would not choose any differently. What I do sometimes think about is whether I should have chosen the BSc in Economics and Business Administration to begin with, or if I should have opted for something different. It could also have been interesting to work in a field that is less regulated than ours - e.g. a more creative field. But I am a person who likes clear results, and I think that I have found my niche as an accountant.

What is the most important thing you learned as a student?

That you have to work hard to get good results - this is not likely to change. Success can very rarely - or in fact not ever - be attributed to luck.

How do you strengthen and develop your academic and professional competences today?

As part of my work as an accountant and advisor I need to stay up-to-date with what’s new in my specific fields. We have a lot of internal courses at KPMG that help us stay up to date. I also read journals that are relevant for my specific fields. And I participate in external courses that are relevant for me.

Why were you chosen as one of the 100 talents? Did they give you a reason?

I actually haven’t asked.

What ressources/academic fields/academic competences do you mainly use in your everyday work?

Auditing, accounts and company law. These are definitely the most important academic fields. However, as part of my job also consists of counselling, I also use a great deal of communication skills to communicate with staff and clients.

What are your ambitions for the future?

To keep on making a difference and doing my best - if you do that, the rest of what you want to achieve will happen.

Elife Savas is one of the many talents who have graduated from Aarhus BSS - a place that focuses on qualifying people for the future. See Elife’s profile here (login required). Aarhus BSS also offers several career services such as the mentor programme Aarhus BSS Mentor100. In the mentor programme, the mentees (students) are matched with mentors (alumni) in a facilitated mentor programme where mentors strengthen, guide and inspire mentees to becoming the talents of the future.

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