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New strategy - not least with alumni relations

2016.12.14 | Thomas Pallesen

Thomas Pallesen, dekan på Aarhus BSS.

Thomas Pallesen, dean of Aarhus BSS.

If anyone is in doubt, we are very committed to our alumni here at Aarhus BSS. In the school’s new strategy, which comes into effect at the turn of the year and runs until 2020, we emphasise how we would like to extend our relationship with our external relations in general and our alumni in particular.

We know how much can be gained from having a close and active relationship with our alumni. And we would like to strengthen this relationship for the benefit of ourselves, our students and hopefully you as well.

International outlook

External relations represents one of four focus areas in the new strategy in which we also prioritise international outlook as a strategic focus area. This concerns attracting even more international students and researchers to Aarhus BSS, and creating optimal conditions for our current researchers and students to visit universities abroad and interact with international peers.

The university exists in a very regionalised system, but the talents also live and work outside the region. We would like to reach these talents.

Finally, we cannot have a strategy without including the two most fundamental focus areas: Education and research. And what’s more, we focus on ensuring a match between the two.

By focusing on research-based teaching, we can ensure that our degree programmes are constantly up-to-date.

Exciting challenge

With the strategy, we further underline that Aarhus BSS as a broad business school with its own profiling strategy is here to stay.

It has been an exciting challenge, and it still is, and in a complex world which is constantly and rapidly changing, we must maintain our ability to react to change in a fast and competent manner and with our eye firmly on the goal:   To offer research-based degree programmes of a high international level.

It has been a pleasure to see how fast our new students have embraced the name and the idea behind Aarhus BSS. We older people probably need a bit more time to get used to it, but the fact is that today, business should not be regarded as an isolated part of society.

All in one place

Business is part of a complex society in which fields such as law, political science and psychology increasingly enrich each other in a broad understanding of society and business.

While the more traditional business schools must get this knowledge from outside their own walls or need to employ staff within specific subjects, we have it all in one place. It is this broad understanding which we believe offers our students a solid foundation for finding a job after they graduate - both in Denmark and abroad.

Best wishes – and a happy New Year!

Thomas Pallesen, dean.

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