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2015.12.16 | News type

A business leader must ensure that employees do what they do best

Political science alumnus Kim Møller-Nielsen is named Young Business Leader of the Year. We spoke to him about what it takes to be a good leader.

2015.12.02 | News type

Alumni in growth adventure

IT Minds made headlines last summer when the company, just four years old at the time, was sold to the IT group, EG. During its short life, IT Minds had experienced a growth rate of 898 per cent, and the sale of the company was spurred on by ambitions of further growth and development.

2015.11.04 | News type

Old networks never die

When I speak to managers about why their careers look the way they do, there seems to be two recurrent reasons: coincidences and network. Often these two factors work in unison as someone might have bumped into a former colleague or acquaintance who gave their career a well-needed boost. But does it have to be so coincidental?

Christine Lauth (MSc, International Business, ´10)

2015.10.19 | News type

Thoughts from a new graduate

2015 graduate Christine Lauth, MSc, International Business, gave an inspiring speech at the 2015 Aarhus BSS Graduation on 2 October 2015.

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