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Member benefits

Benefits for members of the alumni network


Student (before becomming an alum)Employee

Events – invitations to participate for free or discounted at events, conferences and activities  
Mentoring and Job Shadow - develop personally and professionally whilst guiding a student  (when graduated and having two years' of working experience)
LinkedIn group – admission to the ”Aarhus BSS Alumni”-group giving you access to your old study buddies  
Networking – get tips and tools on how to build network relations  

As a member, you have contact to more than 16,000 alumni from Aarhus BSS. They are:

  • 1000+ organizations
  • 69+ countries
  • 9% are international
  • 89% live in Denmark
  • 49% live in the Aarhus area
  • 20% live in the Copenhagen area



Get advice on how to build your networkværksrelationer and get tips and tricks on how to network one-on-one.