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Alumnis who are a member of Aarhus BSS Alumni network can every semester register for free to one of Folkeuniversitetets lectures in Aarhus, Emdrup (København) or Herning.

Note: There is a limited amount of seats available every semester and they are given by first come first served basis.

When can you register?


The registration for participating lectures at Folkeuniversitetet is closed for the next semester and the seats are taking after a first come first served basis. Registration will be possible again January 2018. 

The free registration is often open in a very short period i January and June/August. We will send the code for registration by e-mail to members with a danish address.

The code for a free seat at a lecture is send to Alumnis, who are registered as an Alumni, with an address located in Denmark.

When all free seats are taking, the registration does not open before January 2018.


How do I register?

You can look for a view of all the lectures at Folkeuniversitetets website. You register under 'Specialaftaler' where you need to state the code given from Aarhus BSS Alumni by e-mail.

Members with an address in Denmark will be given a code by e-mail to the latest updated e-mail address.

Click to become a member or update your information.