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Alumni portraits

Helle Glyø, BSc in Economics and Business Administration ('87) and a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (HD) ('91)

2016.09.26 | Alumni

A good mentor is someone who does not know everything

From October, 100 alums from Aarhus BSS will take part in this year’s mentor programme ‘Aarhus BSS Mentor100’. We have asked one alum, Helle Glyø, why she is a mentor. She is an independent coach and change consultant and holds a BSc in Economics and Business Administration ('87) and a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (HD) ('91).

Alum of the year 2016 is Thomas Hedegaard Rasmussen.

2016.08.19 | People

Alum of the year 2016

Alum of the year 2016 is Thomas Hedegaard Rasmussen, who completed his Master’s degree in 2002 and his PhD in 2007 at the Department of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences. Today he is Vice-president of HR Data and Analytics at Royal Dutch Shell in the Hague.

2016.06.09 | Knowledge exchange

Success is rarely attributed luck

Berlingske Business recently named the top 100 Danish talents - 12 of these are Aarhus BSS alumni. We met up with one of them. 35-year-old Elife Savas, Senior Manager at KPMG with a Master’s degree in Business Economics and Auditing.

2016.03.02 | Knowledge exchange

Do you take full advantage of your network?

Torben Nielsen is regional ambassador in the US. He has been headhunted, recommended, pushed and supported to get to where he is today. Read Torben Nielsen’s story about how he has used and is still using his network to add value to his career.

2015.12.16 | Knowledge exchange

A business leader must ensure that employees do what they do best

Political science alumnus Kim Møller-Nielsen is named Young Business Leader of the Year. We spoke to him about what it takes to be a good leader.

2015.12.02 | Knowledge exchange

Alumni in growth adventure

IT Minds made headlines last summer when the company, just four years old at the time, was sold to the IT group, EG. During its short life, IT Minds had experienced a growth rate of 898 per cent, and the sale of the company was spurred on by ambitions of further growth and development.

2015.10.19 | Knowledge exchange

Thoughts from a new graduate

2015 graduate Christine Lauth, MSc, International Business, gave an inspiring speech at the 2015 Aarhus BSS Graduation on 2 October 2015.

2015.08.06 | Knowledge exchange

Paving the road from internship to job

Today, Marie Enemark Olsen (MA/MSc ´10) is Senior Manager, Human and Labour Rights at LEGO Group, and the road to this job started already during her internship.

2014.12.12 | Knowledge exchange

Berlin – the city of opportunities?

David O. Andersen (MA '11) moved to Berlin without a job, a home or any experience, with the hope of landing a position with one of Berlin's many start-up companies.

Foto: Lars Kruse, AU Kommunikation

2014.09.22 | Knowledge exchange

The Aarhus University distinguished Alumnus 2014

Since 1928, Aarhus University has celebrated its birthday with the annual celebration. On the occasion of the university’s 80th anniversary in 2008, the university established a distinguished alumnus award. Each year, the award honours a graduate of Aarhus University whose impressive achievements have drawn positive attention to the university.…

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