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Mentor period and contents

Development of a new programme is in progess. Information will be available ultimo 2017. 

We are currently updating the programme. In the meantime, you can explore relevant topics for conversations and tools and inputs that the mentor programme provides you with. 

Topics for Meetings

You can discuss many different topics at your meeting with the primary focus being career development.

See examples of topics here:

  • Career choices and job expectations
  • Personal SWOT analysis
  • Values and life goals
  • Feedback on job search: CV, application, job interview, tests, salary negotiation
  • Choice of internship, student job, study abroad, thesis topics etc.
  • Networking: Personal network, LinkedIn etc.
  • Work-life balance
  • Stress management
  • Working abroad, international workplace culture etc.
  • Negotiation techniques and conflict management
  • For international students: Danish business life and workplace culture.

For more topics, please download the pdf file.

Mentor Handbook and Tools

At the kick-off meeting, all mentors and mentees receive the handbook The Mentoring Journey.

Together with the mentor course, the handbook gives you a lot of valuable input and tools to be used in the mentor period.

Being a Mentor for International Students

Many international students choose Aarhus BSS for their academic studies. For this reason, the mentor programme has a lot of focus on integration and welcomes both Danish and international master students.

By being a mentor for an international student, you have a positive impact on his/her integration into the Danish job market and Danish (workplace) culture. A mentor relation does not only benefit the international student; as a mentor you learn about different cultures which helps your personal development.

Read about cross-cultural aspects.

Mentor of the Year

Since the Aarhus BSS Mentor100 programme premiered in 2006, there have been many alumni willing to participate and make a difference as a mentor.

We acknowledge this effort when we award the Mentor of the Year, which aims to honour those mentors that have shown great dedication and engagement in supporting mentees. Mentors are nominated by the students.

At the closing event, the Mentor of the Year is announced and receive a diploma.

See former Mentors of the Year.