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Become a mentor

Become a mentor with Aarhus BSS Mentor100

The mentor programme guides, annually, 100 master students from Aarhus BSS with the purpose of preparing them for their career - personally and professionally. We prepare them for their professional life after graduation by matching them with our alumni with experience from their studies and the job market.

Why you should become a mentor:

  • Become a neutral mentor for a current master student and make a difference!
  • Share your own experiences from your studies and career life
  • Give new perspective to the student's study and work life

We launch a new programme primo 2018 - a new programme is being developed. In the meantime, you can explore requirements and reasons for becoming a mentor. 

Requirements for Being a Mentor

To become a mentor in the Aarhus BSS Mentor100 programme you must:

  • Be a former student/an alum from Aarhus BSS, or the former Aarhus School of Business (ASB)
  • Have at least two years of work experience after graduation
  • Prioritize approx. seven meetings in Aarhus during the 8 months of the mentor programme - some of the meetings can be Skype or phone meetings.

Reasons for Becoming a Mentor

Knowledge exchange - share your experiences from your studies and career life. This is a unique possibility for you to get a new perspective on your views.

Influence - get influence on the career development of a future graduate and his/her view on career and business life.

Mentor course – get competencies in mentoring in the beginning of the mentor programme. All mentors and mentees will join a course at Aarhus BSS in October. 

Networking – meet other mentors/alumni and mentees at events at Aarhus BSS.

A close relation to Aarhus BSS – a close relation to us and the students helps you get updated on the latest theoretical knowledge.

Input from future employees - get an insight in the expectations to the job market from the next generation of employees.

What to Consider as a Future Mentor

As a mentor, you become a neutral discussion partner and advisor for one of our students who are on the threshold to work. Naturally, the student has a lot of questions about graduation, future career life and own competencies.

Important mentor qualities:

  • Be empathetic
  • Be self-reflective including knowing one's own limitations
  • Have an interest in other persons’ development
  • Be able to challenge the mentee

You must prioritize 1 day of mentor training in October and approx. 7 individual meetings with your mentee from November-June. Please note that the agenda for the meetings is set by the mentee.

Please consider if you would like to be a mentor for a Danish or an international master student, as 10% of the Aarhus BSS students are international from more than 80 countries.

Former Mentors and their Experiences

A huge motivation for the mentors in the programme is to guide and support a student/mentee in his/her current study life and work life after graduation – and to make a positive difference to their mentee(s). 

Quotes from former mentors

’It has been a rewarding experience, which has developed me as a human and as a manager. It is a great experience to follow another person’s development.’

’The mentor role has helped me us a mentor approach towards my own staff (asking questions etc.) - instead of giving them all the answers/solutions’.  

’Now, I am more aware of the way I work, and if things should be done differently.’

’The passion, curiosity, motivation and enthusiasm of my mentee, has really impressed me, and it is a good basis for any dialogue.’

Want to know more?

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