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Mentors of the year

Since the Aarhus BSS Mentor100 programme premiered in 2006, there have been many alumni willing to participate and make a difference as a mentor.

We acknowledge this effort when we award the Mentor of the Year, which aims to honour those mentors that have shown great dedication and engagement in supporting mentees. Mentors are nominated by the students.

At the closing event, the Mentor of the Year is announced and receive a diploma.

Mentor of the year 2016

Helle Haugaard Glyø
HD 1987 og HDO 1991 

Helle Haugaard Glyø has shown great dedication and commitment to supporting and guiding a Master’s student on her career path.  

Mentee statement
“From our first meeting I was challenged and pushed, which I definitely needed. Helle has been a mentor, who showed consideration for me and my needs for assistance, and at the same time has guided me to find my own solutions.”

        Portrait of Helle Haugaard Glyø                                                                

”Helle has been supportive and have helped me achieve my goals: new student job, intern applications etc.

 She has nudged me in the right direction when needed, and encouraged me when I succeeded.”


Mentor of the year 2015

Søren Kamp Nørbæk
Cand.jur 2005

Søren Kamp Nørbæk has shown great dedication and commitment to supporting and guiding a Master’s student on her career path.

Mentee statement
"After the first meeting with Søren, one of the goals with this mentor programme was decided; I wanted to get a student job. This was, however, no demarcation of our relationship, and I soon realized that I could come to him with everything.


                       Portrait of Søren Kamp Nørbæk                    

During the mentor programme, Søren has been a mentor who did not give me the answers - he wanted me to find the answers myself by giving me a framework for a solution. In addition, I really appreciated his commitment, he has really shown interest, and done everything he could to help me.

Søren has contributed to personal and professional development, but has also given me insight into law. I hope to be able to acquire some of the coolness that he greatly possesses and is required by the business. As a result, I got a job as stud.jur. at one of the leading law firms in Denmark. Søren has really helped me with getting my career kicked off, and I will always be grateful to him."


Mentor of the year 2014

Silke Balling
Cand.ling.merc. 2008

Silke Balling has shown great dedication and commitment to supporting and guiding a Master’s student on her career path.

Mentee statement
Silke has been very helpful and very attentive to my needs. I just landed a great internship and I really believe that I could not have done it without her. She helped me map my competencies, put together my resumé and write killer job applications.


                            Portrait of Silke Balling

She has been tough to me when she had to, urging me on when I needed it and applauding me when I deserved it. We have met up many times, and I always look forward to seeing her.

Silke is not only an inspiration professionally, she's also a really kind and genuine person who is nice to be around. She has given me some great advice and made me feel very confident about myself, both in a professional context and as a person.

I signed up for the mentor program because I wanted to have a person with relevant work experience who could help me with my studies, my internship and my future career. In Silke, I got all of that, but I also got a friend. I am really happy that I got paired up with Silke.

I feel confident that we will keep on meeting up - I am no way done learning from her. From the bottom of my heart, I really believe that there is no better mentor out there than Silke. She deserves, more than anyone, to be awarded this year's AU mentor. All students should have their own Silke.

Mentor of the year 2013

Jørn Fogh
HD(o) 2007, e-MBA 2012

Jørn Fogh has shown great dedication and commitment to supporting and guiding a Master’s student on her career path.

’’Jørn har gennem hele forløbet udvist utroligt engagement og et oprigtigt ønske om at hjælpe mig på alle de måder, han har set muligt. Han har åbnet sit netværk for mig, hvilket har ført til mange (6) utrolig indsigtsgivende møder med spændende personer fra forskellige brancher og med forskellige jobprofiler.

                                  Portrait of Jørn Fogh

Hans netværk er uvurderligt og jeg føler nu også, at han har gjort det til mit netværk. Jeg har mødt personer, jeg i fremtiden vil kunne sparre med, bl.a. hvis jeg ønsker at starte egen virksomhed, eller hvis jeg ønsker jobs indenfor nogle bestemte brancher.’

Jørn har inspireret mig med sin store forretningsindsigt, vindende personlighed og indstilling.

Gennem vores mange mentormøder har han givet mig et grundlag for at træffe
de rigtige beslutninger både med hensyn til emne og virksomhed for kandidatafhandling, definition af mine karrieremål, min fremtidige arbejdsplads og fremtidige
job etc. Han har desuden hjulpet mig med bl.a. hvordan man får karriere og familie til at hænge sammen, forhandlingsteknikker, præsentationsteknikker og konflikthåndtering blot for at nævne nogle få af de emner, som vi har diskuteret."