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Apply for the mentor programme


Members of the alumni network will be invited for the mentor programme after relaunching of the programme.

If you are an alum from Aarhus BSS or former Aarhus School of Business with minimum two years of work experience and with an updated LinkedIn profile, you can apply for the Aarhus BSS Mentor100 programme.

Further, you must prioritize seven individual meetings with your mentee; as a minimum, the first 2 meetings must be personal meetings in Aarhus. First meeting will be a the kickoff event on 22 March.

In your application, you must prioritize your 3 most important values, your 3 most important disciplines and 3 conversation topics with your mentee. This information will be used in matching you with your mentee.

You will be notified mid-March 2018 about your match. Depending on the number of mentees applying, we cannot guarantee that we can find a match for all mentors.

The programme starts on 22 March 2018 with a kickoff event at 12:30-19:00 in Aarhus, where you will be trained as a mentor and meet your mentee for the first meeting. The programme ends with a celebration event before Christmas 2018.