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Alumni portraits

An alum is a graduate - a former student who has completed his or her education.

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Fri 18 Aug
16:00-02:00 | The University Park
Aarhus BSS Summer Festival
On the day of the festival, the University Park will be transformed with tents, food stands, drinks and live music. The festival features live concerts with none other than the Aarhus-veteran Thomas Helmig, the pop-rock duo Sko/Torp and the popular Antonelli Orchestra.


2017.06.19 | Aarhus BSS

Homo Irrationalis - the irrational human

The Alumni Newsletter met with Professor Dan Ariely, Duke University, for a brief talk about behavioural economics and its applications.

[Translate to English:] Direktør Danny Kromanne, Jydsk Tagteknik A/S

2017.06.19 | Aarhus BSS

From ballpoint pen to folding rule

A key employee’s MBA degree from Aarhus BSS resulted in the company Jydsk Tagteknik A/S overhauling its entire sales team. Now the salespeople first and foremost had to be craftsmen. The result was increased profits.

[Translate to English:] Fotograf: Anders Trærup, Aarhus Universitet

2017.06.19 | Aarhus BSS

Our image is good - but it could be better

How does the outside world actually perceive Aarhus BSS? We recently found out from a study in which we also asked our alumni.

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