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Alumni portraits

An alum is a graduate - a former student who has completed his or her education.

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2016.12.22 | Alumni

Putting the Full-time MBA into practice

Manish Kumar Tiwari did the Full-time MBA in 2013-2014 and after graduating, he got a job at Maersk Oil where he also did his internship during the Full-time MBA. Today, he works at Odense Letbane A/S in Denmark as a contract manager and is responsible for managing commercial processes.

Thomas Pallesen, dean of Aarhus BSS.

2016.12.14 | Alumni

New strategy - not least with alumni relations

If anyone is in doubt, we are very committed to our alumni here at Aarhus BSS. In the school’s new strategy, which comes into effect at the turn of the year and runs until 2020, we emphasise how we would like to extend our relationship with our external relations in general and our alumni in particular. We know how much can be gained from having…

Having a clear pricing strategy can increase your profit significantly.

2016.12.13 | Course

An unclear pricing strategy is poison to the company

Frequent price adjustments are poison to the company’s long-term earnings, explains one of Denmark’s leading researchers in pricing. The good news is that you can increase your profit and reduce the pressure from customers and competitors with relatively simple steps.

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