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CON AMORE wins prestigious international award

The European Federation of Psychology Associations (EFPA) has announced that the Aristotle Prize 2017 goes to “The Center on Autobiographical Memory Research” (CON AMORE), a centre of excellence financed by the Danish National Research Foundation. Every second year, the award is presented to a psychologist or a group of psychologists who are internationally recognised for having contributed substantially or originally to psychology as a science or as a profession.

2017.04.03 | Tine Bagger Christiansen

“We are very happy with the award, which has previously been presented to some of the best scholars within psychology. It’s a great acknowledgement of CON AMORE that we now belong to the receivers of this prestigious award. It shows that our research has had an international impact and that we have succeeded in demonstrating how important the field of autobiographical memory research is for both researchers and practising psychologists,” says Professor Dorthe Berntsen from CON AMORE, the Department of Psychology and Behavioural Sciences at Aarhus BSS.

In its argumentation, the committee states that:
CON AMORE is a Center of Excellence which consists of a group of researchers headed by Professor Dorthe Berntsen.

CON AMORE has contributed in an important and original way to the study of autobiographical memory, integrating areas as clinical, developmental, cognitive and cultural psychology. The studies developed advance the comprehension and intervention in many disorders and have very important implications in different areas.

The impressive publication list of the centre, which started in 2010, extends to 165 articles in peer reviewed journals and 20 books chapters.  The work of CON AMORE has attracted researchers from all over the world, and has been presented at many international conferences.

The award will be presented during the opening ceremony of the European Congress of Psychology at the RAI Convention Centre in Amsterdam on Tuesday 11 July 2017 at 17:00.

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