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2016.11.03 | Research news

New research: Colours make consumers purchase climate-friendly products

Only eight out of 100 Danes can tell if a product is climate-friendly. However, new research from Aarhus BSS now shows that a simple red-yellow-green traffic light label can effectively help the consumers choose products with the smallest carbon footprint.

The students behind the Aarhus Symposium are suitably applauded for their efforts. Foto: Anders Trærup, AU Foto.

2016.10.31 | Events

How do you gather great business leaders?

Denmark’s leading CEOs are once again among the speakers when the Aarhus Symposium takes place on the first Friday in November for the fifth straight year. Behind the event is a group of students, who - with skill, courage and curiosity - have created something special.

2016.10.25 | Conference

Large numbers map out how humans affect the climate change

Econometric models can help us understand the correlation between climate change and human activity. For that reason, number crunchers from all over the world are meeting up for a conference on climate econometrics in Aarhus on 27 and 28 October.

"The results from READ are very promising, especially when the effect is measured in relation to the cost of the efforts. For children with an ethnic background other than Danish, the parents’ effort and commitment have a more positive effect than extra lessons or having an extra teacher in the classroom,” says Simon Calmer Andersen. Photo:

2016.10.12 | Research news

Parents’ participation crucial for children’s reading skills

Large gains in learning can be made by involving the parents in their children’s reading. This is the conclusion of the research project READ, which has been conducted in collaboration between Aarhus BSS, the city of Aarhus and VIA University College.

2016.10.10 | Aarhus BSS

Partisan polarisation and conflict get in the way of substantive arguments

Increased polarisation and conflict between political parties move citizens' focus from substantive arguments and place it on the sender of the proposal. The polarisation also strengthens people's confidence in their own arguments, no matter how good they are, according to research.

[Translate to English:] ”Kærlighed gør mild” burde ordsproget lyde, når det gælder forældres vurderinger af deres børns kognitive evner. Foto:

2017.11.24 | Aarhus BSS

[Translate to English:] Forældre fejlbedømmer nemt børnenes evner

[Translate to English:] En tæt relation mellem barn og forældre betyder, at forældrene ofte overvurderer børnenes faglige evner i skolen. Til gengæld betyder et konfliktfyldt forhold forældrene imellem, at forældrene har tendens til at undervurdere deres børn.

There aren’t many German consumers who prefer Danish organic products - even in northern Germany. The researchers have examined the ‘country-of-origin’ effect and have looked at what this means in relation to imported organic carrots, pork and dairy products in Germany. Photo:

2016.10.03 | Research news

New research: Danish organic products unknown to German consumers

Germany is the most important export market for Danish organic products, but now a new study shows that German consumers are largely unfamiliar with Danish organic products. This has consequences for the Danish export strategy for the German market, explains Professor John Thøgersen from Aarhus BSS at Aarhus University.

2016.09.30 | Aarhus BSS

Does the mother know her child the best?

New research shows that mental problems affect the mother’s judgement and that dad is just as good as mum at evaluating the child’s scholastic and social skills. This is important to consider in parental rights cases, claim the researchers behind the study.

2016.09.27 | Aarhus BSS

Experts from all over the world discuss future human rights in Aarhus

On the year of the 50th anniversary of two important UN Covenants, described as the international constitution of human rights, experts from the US, Europe, Asia and other parts of the world meet at Aarhus BSS - Aarhus University on 29-30 September. Subject: The status and future of the international human rights.

From the first day of the congress. (Credit: Julia Rolsted Stacey)

2016.09.15 | Conference

‘Boundaries’ key theme at translation studies congress

‘Boundaries’, in the broadest possible sense of the word, were a key theme when one of the world’s top translation studies congresses kicked off Thursday at Aarhus University. The overall theme of the congress, hosted by the Department of Business Communication at Aarhus BSS, is “Translation Studies: Moving Boundaries”.

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