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2016.02.04 | Aarhus BSS

Can we trust satisfaction measurements?

Satisfaction measurements may provide a misleading image of the quality of public institutions. Research from Aarhus BSS shows that caution is necessary when decisions influencing the life of citizens are made on the basis of evaluation results.

2016.01.29 | Research news

Mapping the Danes’ kitchen skills

Our knowledge of food and our kitchen skills are highly dependent on our level of income and on whether we have children living at home. This is the result of a study conducted by the MAPP Centre at Aarhus BSS, Aarhus University.

2016.01.28 | Research news

Researchers put Burgundy wines into words

Together with his colleague Laurent Gautier from the Université de Dijon, Associate Professor Patrick Leroyer from the Department of Business Communication at Aarhus BSS has developed a completely new type of online dictionary for connoisseurs in the Burgundy wine industry. The dictionary, which contains terminology on the tasting of Burgundy…

Professor Helle Vrønning Dam

2016.01.28 | Aarhus BSS

Aarhus BSS to offer unique education for interpreters

Aarhus BSS has received the preliminary green light to set up a new, unique degree programme for conference interpreters. The one-year programme aims to turn the participants into specialists in their fields, capable of providing simultaneous interpretation at EU talks and in other international settings.

2016.01.25 | Aarhus BSS

What motivates lone terrorists to act?

Solo terrorism: Lasse Lindekilde, associate professor of political science, throws light on why lone terrorists act the way they do. The explanation may surprise you (YouTube video).

Michael Svarer

2015.12.15 | Talent development

Seven Questions for the New Chief Economic Advisor

Michael Svarer, professor of economics at Aarhus BSS, has just been appointed president of the four-member chairmanship of the Economic Council. We caught up with him shortly before lunch on a busy day, and had a chance to ask him about his expectations for his new job. Current issues, including the integration of immigrants into the Danish…

Sanne Wøhlk

2015.12.15 | Research news

Waste Management at Centre of Project at Aarhus BSS

Sanne Wøhlk thinks that rubbish is fascinating. She’s an associate professor of logistics at Aarhus BSS, and will be spending the next couple of years researching more efficient ways of collecting and transporting waste. The Danish Council for Independent Research has just allocated a grant of 4.1 million Danish kroner (600,000 US dollars) to her…

2015.12.15 | Knowledge exchange

Debate with The Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Denmark with Ambassador Peter Taksøe-Jensen in front had initiated a debate on economic diplomacy in a globalised world. Researchers from Aarhus BSS and representatives from the business community shared their knowledge and experiences.

Professor Peter Krøjgaard

2015.12.14 | Research news

New method offers a new window into children’s memory

Small children find it difficult to remember their experiences - or do they? Danish researchers have found a new method for exploring this question.

2015.12.11 | Research news

Researchers close to finding new growth model for SMEs

A four-year pilot project aiming to crack the code of growth and development in SMEs is coming to an end. Now the model needs to be tested and promoted.

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