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Software Carpentry Workshop

COBE Lab and IMC organise two-day workshop for researchers

2016.07.01 | COBE Lab

Date Mon 22 Aug Tue 23 Aug
Time 08:30    16:00
Location Interacting Minds Centre, Jens Chr. Skous Vej 4, DK-8000 Aarhus C
Registration has closed

It is a great pleasure to announce that COBE Lab, in collaboration with Interacting Minds Centre (IMC), will host a two–day Software Carpentry workshop this August. 

We are delighted to welcome instructors Mateusz Kuzak and Christopher Mędrela to Aarhus, to teach what promises to be a fantastic workshop (provisional syllabus below). 

What is Software Carpentry?  Software Carpentry is a reputable, voluntary organisation, focused on teaching scientists to be more efficient by developing computer skills. It teaches researchers how to build, develop and share software. This covers everything from experimental design, coding basic experiments, collaborating on projects with others and coding effectively for data analysis.

Workshop Syllabus: The Software Carpentry workshop will focus on:

  • automating tasks using the Unix shell
  • an introduction to structured programming in Python
  • version control using Git
  • SQL programming

Further details of the workshop can be found here

Where and When? The workshop will take place 22–23 August, in the IMC Meeting Room. Contact details of IMC, including a map, can be found here.

Cost and Registration details: The workshop is open to all Aarhus University researchers, including Masters and PhD students. There is no cost of the two–day course. Lunch is also included. 

You can register for the workshop by clicking here. Deadline for registration is 19 August. A maximum of 25 persons can attend.

For more information please mail

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