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Putting the Full-time MBA into practice

Manish Kumar Tiwari did the Full-time MBA in 2013-2014 and after graduating, he got a job at Maersk Oil where he also did his internship during the Full-time MBA. Today, he works at Odense Letbane A/S in Denmark as a contract manager and is responsible for managing commercial processes. Read how he has applied the courses of the Full-time MBA after graduating.

What specific courses are you benefitting from in your job today?

“Industrial Economics, Corporate finance and Corporate Foresight were always my favorite subjects. During my one and a half years at Maersk Oil, I used the tools of Corporate Foresight extensively to develop possible future scenarios for the company. By testing the company’s ability to perform technically and commercially in different scenarios, an investment strategy was developed and a future road map was designed. The initiatives helped us allocate the company’s resources between competing opportunities more efficiently.

In my current role at Odense Letbane A/S, the lessons learned during my Corporate Finance and economics classes are coming to good use. When analysing decision-making processes, Industrial Economics helps us understand issues such as: The levels at which the prices should be set and the actions that should be taken to enhance the project value.”

How has the Full-time MBA benefitted your career?

The MBA has helped me fill the gaps, such as the financial side of business, and has enabled me to view the same activities from a different perspective.

About Manish Kumar Tiwari

Manish Kumar Tiwari is originally from India. He has a background as senior tender and project management engineer and wanted to know more about the financial aspects of running a business and the requirements for operating a business in the future. Read more about Manish and his Full-time MBA experience here.