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Business and Social Sciences gains international recognition

The international magazine, European CEO, has recently elected Aarhus University, Business and Social Sciences as the most innovative business school in Northern Europe.

2011.11.22 | Martin Hagelskjær Damsgaard

Thousands of European business leaders, together with the British magazine, European CEO, have granted Aarhus University, Business and Social Sciences a distinguished award.

In competition against a number of international business schools, Business and Social Sciences has been elected as the most innovative business school in Northern Europe. The award was granted to Aarhus University's business school due to the visionary and innovative spirit in which Business and Social Sciences has been created.

Dean Svend Hylleberg explains that the panel of judges stressed the broad, academic profile of Business and Social Sciences. This profile covers both traditional business school disciplines and disciplines which you typically find in a faculty of social sciences.  Additionally, the committee has pointed out the ambitions of Business and Social Sciences to create interdisciplinarity at the highest international level – that is, interdisciplinarity based on deep knowledge of the individual disciplines.  

- We are very honoured and pleased to gain this recognition from the business leaders of the European business community, says Svend Hylleberg.

Benefits the entire community
The research and research-based teaching at Business and Social Sciences take place at the highest international level in areas such as law, economics, business administration, organisation, marketing, management, entrepreneurship, business communication, language, translation, political science, public administration, psychology, drug research and register-based research.

Such a broad profile provides Business and Social Sciences with some exceptional opportunities:

- Our academic basis and mindset make it possible to conduct unique research and create unprecedented research-based study programmes, says Svend Hylleberg.

He explains that since Business and Social Sciences covers so many different disciplines at a high international level and is part of a large, research-based university, it is possible to offer students a much broader, academic insight into the world than most business schools worldwide. This approach will not only benefit the business community but society as a whole, as Svend Hylleberg puts it.

He expects that Business and Social Sciences’ perspective and study programmes will be in demand among future and current business leaders:

- Business leaders are faced with complex business and societal challenges, and long-lasting solutions to these challenges require new interdisciplinary insight and broad cooperation between the bodies that lay down rules and regulations, the business community and the civil society. 

- To me it is obvious that any business leader in a private or public organisation needs a broad insight into society. No business leader can dispense with knowledge of the political situation and the political power game within areas relevant to the company – just as public employees and politicians need thorough understanding of how the business community operates if their projects are to succeed, says Svend Hylleberg.

European CEO has granted the award "Northern Europe's most innovative business school" once before in 2010, and the winner was London School of Business.

The selection is a combination of an online nomination among up to 50,000 European business leaders, a personal interview with the Dean and voting among European CEO’s panel of judges.

In 2011 European CEO has granted a total of 17 awards to the most innovative business schools worldwide.


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