2014.04.10 | Research news

Additional language lessons improve children’s reading skills

By giving school children up to four additional hours of Danish lessons every week for 16 weeks, we improve their reading skills to an extent that amounts to six months of schooling in addition to what other pupils achieve in that period of time.

At the Festival of Research Trine Mørk will explain more about the organic consumers of tomorrow. Photo: Colourbox.

2014.04.09 | Knowledge exchange

At the Festival of Research Trine Mørk will explain more about the organic consumers of tomorrow

The answer is both yes and no. Today’s organic consumers still have a little bit of hippie left in them, and they appear to be compassionate and tolerant people who are keen to protect the environment. But for organic consumers, ecology is also a matter of self-indulgence, and personal gratification plays a significant part in their consumer…

Photo: Colourbox.

2014.04.08 | Knowledge exchange

Three Aarhus University students participate in international negotiation competition

A team of three master’s students from School of Business and Social Sciences has been selected among almost sixty teams from all over the world to participate in The Negotiation Challenge in Iceland 10-12 April 2014.

2014.03.19 | Research news

Denmark’s first research group on sports law has been established

Never before has there been a research group in Denmark or the Nordic countries that focuses in sports law – but now one has been established at Aarhus University. The global influence of sports demands a specialised focus on sports law, explains Professor Jens Evald, who is behind the new research group, the Sports Law Research Unit.

2014.03.18 | Research news

Great interest in sustainability – but not in foods

A new study conducted by MAPP at Aarhus University shows that consumers in Europe are very concerned about the environment. But this concern does not show when they go shopping for groceries.

Photo: Colourbox.

2014.03.13 | Knowledge exchange

Sustainability in the family home – which generation is leading the way?

Family members note the choices and behaviour of each other, Alice Grønhøj explores which generation is leading environmentally-minded domestic behaviour (

2014.03.07 | School of Business and Social Sciences

Aarhus University’s business school challenges tradition

People should not expect for BSS to get in line behind all the other traditional and academically narrow business schools, emphasises Dean Svend Hylleberg in today's issue of Jyllands-Posten.

Michael Evan Goodsite, Head of department at AU Herning

2014.02.28 | Public/media

Head of department at AU Herning says farewell

Michael Evan Goodsite has been head of department at AU Herning for the last three years – but his contract expires in June this year, and he has chosen not to reapply for the position. Instead he has accepted a position at the University of Southern Denmark in Odense, where new challenges await him. This means that Aarhus University’s department…

2014.02.26 | Research news

The economy of the future is vulnerable

Even though Denmark is one of the European countries that have been able to prepare for the increased ageing population, the Danish economy remains vulnerable, and we will have a hard time handling yet another financial crisis in the coming decades.

Forgotten childhood memories can be retrieved. Photo: AU Photo

2014.02.26 | Research news

Forgotten childhood memories can be retrieved

We may be unaware that they ever took place, but our early childhood experiences are stored in our unconscious memory and affect us as we grow older. Researchers have studied the awareness and long-term memory in little children and have found ground-breaking new knowledge.

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