The concept of new Nordic food is built on strong values, but it is still considered a niche. Photo: Colourbox.

2014.11.26 | Research news

New Nordic Food is just food

The concept “New Nordic Food”, which promotes specifically Nordic ingredients and culinary traditions, will probably remain a niche, and in the long run it will come to be regarded as just food. But the values behind the concept will live on. Such are the conclusions of a report from Aarhus University.

2014.11.20 | News type

Top executives gather at BSS to discuss practical management

On Friday 21 November, six Danish executives and almost 600 people from the business community will leave their theory books behind and spend a day focusing on the practical challenges that top executives encounter in their work. It’s all about creating results, setting a direction and finding practical solutions to the problems at hand.

2014.11.19 | News from the management

AMBA accreditation for School of Business and Social Sciences

School of Business and Social Sciences has been granted the AMBA accreditation from the internationally recognised accreditation association that awards accreditations to MBA programmes.

Regardless of how well HRM is planned, miscommunication can occur as HRM initiatives are translated into practice. Photo: Colourbox.

2014.11.07 | Research news

Human Resource Management initiatives fade before they reach employees

The management in Danish companies work strategically with Human Resource Management, but their employees do not value the initiatives to the same extent, says Associate Professor Frances Jørgensen from Aarhus University.

2014.11.04 | School of Business and Social Sciences, Awards

Helle Vrønning Dam tildeles Hedorfs Fonds forskningspris

Professor i tolkning og oversættelse Helle Vrønning Dam tildeles Hedorfs Fonds Forskningspris for International Virksomhedskommunikation og Sprog på baggrund af sit store og imponerende bidrag på området. Det er fjerde gang i træk, at forskningsprisen går til en forsker ved Institut for Erhvervskommunikation.

2014.10.30 | Public/media

Stanford University opens a new research unit in Herning

Stanford University has just opened its new Stanford Peace Innovation Lab at School of Business and Social Sciences' department in Herning. The two universities have collaborated on the establishment of a new laboratory, which will form the basis for joint research projects in the future. The collaboration between AU Herning and Stanford…

2014.10.29 | Awards

Martin Møller Andreasen receives talent prize from the Nykredit Foundation

The Nykredit Foundation awards talent prize of 100.000 to associate professor at the Department of Economics and Business.

In 2010 Dale T. Mortensen was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences together with Peter Diamond and Christopher Pissarides for their analysis of markets with search frictions.

2014.10.15 | Conference, Research news

Conference in memory of Dale T. Mortensen

Some of the world’s leading economists will gather for a memorial conference in honour of Aarhus University’s Nobel laureate Dale T. Mortensen On 21 October. Among other things, they will discuss how to match the most productive employees with the most productive companies. The answer may have a significant impact towards solving the world’s…

2014.10.14 | School of Business and Social Sciences

EQUIS accreditation to activities pertaining to the field of management and business studies

School of Business and Social Sciences (BSS) has just received the official letter from EFMD’s Awarding Body stating that the school’s activities that pertain to the field of management and business studies (i.e. the Departments of Business Administration, Business Communication and Economics of Business) are granted EQUIS accreditation for the…

2014.10.10 | Talent development

DKK 10.7 million for female research talents

Two new research projects at BSS delve into such difficult and widely diverse areas as the duties of shareholders in the future and citizens with complex problems, who are in need of psychiatric counselling and services to help them cure their addiction and to enter the labour market.

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