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By 2020, wind power will cover half of the Danish electricity consumption. And this poses a challenge to the power system in Denmark. A new electricity meter is waiting right around the corner. It will allow consumers to save power, it contributes to improving the power system and ensures a better climate future, but too many Danes neglect to say yes to new eco-friendly electricity meter. Photo: Colourbox.

2015.06.24 | Research news

Many Danes neglect to say yes to new eco-friendly electricity meter

The majority of Danish consumers would agree to have a new environmentally friendly electricity meter installed, if they didn’t have to get their computers out and actively enter a website to give their consent, says researcher from Aarhus University. Denmark is becoming less green each time a user does not say yes.

2015.06.19 | Aarhus BSS

Aarhus BSS Awards 2015

The article is in Danish only.

2015.06.19 | Aarhus BSS

Studerende får Eksportforeningens Graduation Awards for opgaver om korruption og Kina

Et speciale om danske virksomheders ageren i korrupte lande og en bacheloropgave om skandinaviske firmaers kulturelle udfordringer i Kina er kåret til årets bedste af Eksportforeningen, som kvitterer med en pris og en fin check til de studerende.

2015.06.19 | Aarhus BSS

Anders Eldrup: Students must learn to operate in both the public and private sector

Alumn of the Year at Aarhus BSS, Anders Eldrup, was ahead of his time and took an interdisciplinary approach to his political science studies. During his career he has helped change the structure of the Ministry of Finance and the management of Dong. He believes that future graduates should be able to navigate in and between both the public and…

2015.06.19 | Aarhus BSS

Jørgen Tang-Jensen: Students need core competences

Jørgen Tang-Jensen has been named alumn of the year at Aarhus BSS. He has a lot of great memories from when he was a student, of friendships and hard work, which have shaped the foundation for his long and impressive career. Hard work is necessary if you want to acquire those core competences that you need to succeed, says Jørgen Tang-Jensen.

2015.06.18 | Aarhus BSS

Professor Thomas Pallesen is the new dean of Aarhus BSS

Professor and current Head of the Department of Political Science Thomas Pallesen is the new dean of Aarhus BSS. He takes up his position on 1 July.

2015.06.17 | People

DKK 23 million for Aarhus BSS researchers

Researchers from Aarhus BSS have received DKK 23 million from The Danish Council for Independent Research, Social Sciences for their research projects within economics and political science.

2015.06.16 | Events

New foundation brings Aarhus BSS’ department in Herning closer to the local business community

A new innovative support foundation seeks to create stronger ties between the Department of Business Development and Technology in Herning and the local business community. The goal is to enable more students to solve specific tasks for companies and ensure that graduates discover the career opportunities that the companies in Central and Western…

Party supporters risk being seduced by empty campaign rhetoric and mobilised on behalf of political candidates who have completely different political views than they do.

2015.06.16 | Public/media

Party supporters are driven by partisan identity – not specific policies

Political engagement depends on the extent to which supporters identify with a given party. But are party supporters influenced by the actual party policy? Or is it rather the level of their attachment to the party in question that determines their partisanship, a relation that may be compared to that of sports fans?

2015.06.16 | Public/media

Physiological responses reveal our political affiliations

New research from Aarhus BSS shows that political partisanship is rooted in affective, physiological processes that cause partisans to toe the party line on policies and issues, regardless of policy content.

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