The official name of the project is “The Lundbeck Foundation Initiative for Integrated Psychiatric Research", abbreviated as "iPSYCH", which is a national project anchored at Aarhus University in close collaboration with the University of Copenhagen, the Central Denmark Region and the Capital Region of Denmark, as well as SSI, the Danish State Serum Institute. From the left: Ole Mors, Anders Børglum, Thomas Werge, Preben Bo Mortensen and Merete Nordentoft.

2015.03.25 | Research news

IPSYCH receives major grant to improve the prevention and treatment of mental illnesses

The iPSYCH research project has once again received a record-breaking grant from the Lundbeck Foundation. With this grant, the project will become the largest and most detailed in the world within the field of psychiatric research.

2015.03.23 | Research news

Lack of knowledge about new foreign markets hampers internationalization success

Lack of insight into the culture and regulations of other countries is a great obstacle for companies trying to enter new international markets. These are the results of a new study, which establishes that companies may benefit from e.g. hiring employees with knowledge about the new market.

Siem Jan Koopman is planning to spend 2x3 months in Aarhus working on his project ‘State Space Models in Econometrics’. Photo: BSS Communication

2015.03.17 | People

DKK 1 million for three visiting scholars

Three top professors from Holland, China and Brazil have been awarded the VILLUM Visiting Professor Programme grant from the Velux Foundation with which they become formally affiliated with the School of Business and Social Sciences as visiting scholars.

2015.03.12 | Research news

New research centre to help small businesses create growth

Everyone agrees that SMEs have enormous development potential, and every year the Danish business promotion system allocates millions of kroner to helping SMEs achieve growth. As of yet, there is no documentation on the most ideal approach to consolidating growth and development in SMEs. But now the newly established Centre for Small and…

2015.03.06 | Education news

Upper secondary school students attended innovation event in Herning

On 3 March, AU Herning hosted an innovation event. 250 upper secondary school students were invited to attend classes and create innovation projects based on input from AU Herning’s researchers

2015.02.26 | Research news

People with ADHD are up to 8 times as likely to die prematurely

Patients suffering from attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are up to 8 times as likely to die prematurely, often due to accidents. Such are the results of an extensive study conducted by researchers from the National Centre for Register-Based Research at Aarhus University. Their ground-breaking results have just been published in the…

2015.02.24 | School of Business and Social Sciences

Dean Svend Hylleberg announces his return to research and teaching

After just over two decades in management, on 7 January 2015 Svend Hylleberg announced that he will be resigning from his position as dean. He will remain in his post until 30 June, after which he will return to his position as professor at the Department of Economics and Business.

2015.02.12 | Events

Seminar by Martin W. Wallin on information technology and open innovation

Professor Martin W. Wallin from the Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg visits the School of Business and Social Sciences at Aarhus University in late February and presents new research about the hidden value of IT investments for process innovation performance

We tend to prefer dominant-looking leaders, but don’t generally prefer people who appear dominant. In fact, when we go searching for friends, we look for something quite different. Photo: Colourbox

2015.02.10 | Research news

Does a competent leader make a good friend?

New research shows that when we elect leaders and politicians we tend to prefer dominant-looking, masculine men, but when we are looking to make new friends we seek the opposite.

2015.02.05 | Research news

New report paves the way to lower absence levels at vocational schools

A new research report identifies the common causes of absence in students at the Danish vocational institutions and thereby contributes with knowledge about what the school managers and teachers should pay particular attention to in connection with the vocational school reform, which comes into force in August.

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