2014.07.29 | Research news

Worldwide water shortage by 2040

Water is used around the world for the production of electricity, but new research results show that there will not be enough water in the world to meet demand by 2040 if the energy and power situation does not improve before then.

2014.07.24 | Health and disease

Researchers find 100 possible targets for treatment of schizophrenia

Professor Preben Bo Mortensen, Department of Economics and Business has participated in a research project, in which genetic researchers from 34 countries have joined forces to take a closer look at the biological causes of schizophrenia. In an article in Nature, researchers from Aarhus are among those pinpointing 80 new genes linked to the…

2014.06.30 | Research news

Mapping the use of translation tools in the translation industry

Researchers from the Department of Business Communication have mapped the use of computer-assisted translation tools in Danish translation companies by means of an online questionnaire study. There is a wide tendency among translators to use these tools, and this is changing the profession and placing new demands on the translators.

Photo: AU Photo, Lars Kruse

2014.06.27 | Knowledge exchange

Nina Smith appointed chairman of the government’s unemployment benefit commission

On a press conference held on 27 June, the Danish Ministry of Employment announced that economics professor Nina Smith has been appointed chairman of the government’s unemployment benefit commission.

2014.06.26 | Research news

The manager as the company’s global competitive parameter

Danish companies operate globally to an increasing extent, but the managers’ international management skills are rarely questioned. The research group Design of Global Enterprise have focused on the notion of Danish management in a global context in the year 2014. In this article, we share three of our most significant conclusions. From Danish to…

The celebration dinner in the S Building.

2014.06.26 | School of Business and Social Sciences

The 2014 faculty celebration

See the photos and read about this years prize winners.

Mark Lang from the Department of Food Marketing at Saint Joseph's University, Philadelphia saying welcome to all participants.

2014.06.25 | Knowledge exchange

Leading international food researchers convened at Aarhus University

The Department of Food Marketing at Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia and MAPP at Aarhus University have successfully hosted the 2014 International Food Marketing Research Symposium. Several leading experts in marketing and food attended the symposium.

2014.06.24 | ICOA

Global conference at Aarhus University creates links between companies and researchers

This week, the global PMA conference focusing on the topic of business performance is taking place at Aarhus University. The conference, which is organised in collaboration with the University of Cambridge in England, has a unique dimension in that it encourages knowledge sharing and exchange of experiences between the business community and the…

Evelina Calarasu and Morten Træholt received their prizes in the Aula at The Faculty Celebration  of BSS.

2014.06.23 | Awards

International trade talents receive praise from the Danish Export Association

Two of this year’s most talented students within the field of export and international trade at BSS, the business school within Aarhus University, have received the Danish Export Association’s Graduation Awards for best Bachelor’s project and best Master’s thesis.

The S building at BSS, where the results from the new projects will be disseminated to students and the business community. Photo: Jesper Rais / AU Communication.

2014.06.19 | Awards

BSS researchers have once again left a solid imprint on national research efforts

The Social Sciences (FSE) section of the Danish Council for Independent Research has granted a total of DKK 22.2 million to researchers from BSS. The seven projects have received almost 40 per cent of the grants awarded in this round to researchers within the area of social sciences.

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